Sewage Treatment Systems

A sewage treatment system, as the name suggests, provides full treatment of incoming sewage to a level that the treated effluent can discharge directly into a watercourse (ditch, stream, culvert etc.) The method of treating the sewage differs slightly between different systems, but the basic processes are: sewage enters the system – bacteria inside the tank begins the treatment process – solids that cannot break down settle into a sludge – treated liquid waste rises and discharges out of the system.

The settled sludge builds up over time and requires emptying from a licensed waste removal contractor. All sewage treatment systems that we supply require some form of power, either for a motor that rotates media discs, or an air blower that aerates the sewage – many systems also come with a control panel and alarm.

Please note we can only deliver sewage treatment systems to the mainland UK.

Browse our extensive range of sewage treatment systems below, and if you have any questions, check out the Sewage Treatment Systems section on our Direct Drainage Knowledge Base

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