Labkotec Oilset 1000 External Oil Level Alarm

£480.00 | £576.00 including VAT

The Labkotec Oilset-1000 is specially designed for oil and water separators, and grease traps. The instrument indicates when it is time to empty the separator and thus prevent harmful emissions to the sewer system.

The Oilset-1000:

  • Is easy to install, as it has no calibration
  • Has no moving parts and so is very reliable
  • Has clear display text, for ease of use
  • Has reset and test functions
  • Has two relay outputs for other systems

The kit includes:

  • Oilset-1000 control unit
  • Set/DM3 probe with 5m cable
  • Inline cable connector
  • Installation accessories

It is recommended that this alarm can be installed up to 100m from the control panel.