Secoh SS53330420 Autostopper for EL Series Blowers

£24.00 | £28.80 including VAT

The SS53330420 Autostopper is suitable for the following air blowers-

  • EL-S-100
  • EL-S-120
  • EL-S-150
  • EL-S-200W*
  • EL-S-250W*
  • EL-S-300W*
  • EL-100C
  • EL-120C
  • EL-200WC*
  • EL-250WC*
  • EL-300WC*

*This pump is a twin pump so please be aware when ordering you will have twice the internal parts.

If you are unsure of which autostopper you require for your blower please ring us on 01388537050 and we will advise you.